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Kenai Princess Lodge

Kenai Princess Lodge

Located in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula, two hours south of Anchorage and less than an hour from Seward, the Kenai Princess Lodge is a world apart. Overlooking the turquoise Kenai River in Cooper Landing, the Lodge offers the serenity of a wilderness retreat and the thrill of Alaskan adventure. Alaskan residents refer to the Kenai Peninsula as Alaska's Playground, and with good reason. During the day, enjoy fishing, river rafting, and hiking. In the evening, return to the comfort of a crackling fire, warm up in one of the outdoor hot tubs or feast on local delicacies, all special features of the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge. Each of the bungalow-style rooms at Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge has been designed for the utmost in comfort, relaxation and romance. Vaulted ceilings made of naturally finished wood, cozy sitting areas with wood-burning stoves and private porches help make any occasion memorable. Indulge in a soothing soak and enjoy the serenity of this special part of Alaska from one of the indoor or outdoor hot tubs. The main lodge is as inviting as the guest rooms. The lobby has vaulted ceilings and a fireplace surrounded by chairs for relaxing and visiting with friends. Just beyond the lobby is an expansive deck, optimal for viewing the Kenai River valley and nearby mountains. Enjoy spirits, appetizers and casual fare outdoors or inside at Rafter's Lounge. Continue to the Eagle's Crest Restaurant where the magnificent views, stone fireplace and tempting cuisine make dining an unforgettable event.


Two double beds, full private bath, hair dryers, coffee makers, satellite TV, telephone, sitting area, wood stove, porch, full-service restaurant, cafe, lounge, tour desk, guest laundry, internet cafe, gift shop, hot tubs, exercise facility, nature trail, meeting facilities.


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Rates and Operating Dates

Operating Dates Single Double Triple Quad
5/13/18 (Sun) to 5/13/18 (Sun)$129.00$129.00$149.00$169.00
5/14/18 (Mon) to 5/15/18 (Tue)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
5/16/18 (Wed) to 5/16/18 (Wed)$129.00$129.00$149.00$169.00
5/17/18 (Thu) to 5/22/18 (Tue)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
5/23/18 (Wed) to 5/23/18 (Wed)$129.00$129.00$149.00$169.00
5/24/18 (Thu) to 5/25/18 (Fri)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
5/26/18 (Sat) to 5/29/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
5/30/18 (Wed) to 5/30/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
5/31/18 (Thu) to 6/05/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
6/06/18 (Wed) to 6/06/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
6/07/18 (Thu) to 6/08/18 (Fri)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
6/09/18 (Sat) to 6/09/18 (Sat)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
6/10/18 (Sun) to 6/12/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
6/13/18 (Wed) to 6/13/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
6/14/18 (Thu) to 6/19/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
6/20/18 (Wed) to 6/20/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
6/21/18 (Thu) to 6/22/18 (Fri)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
6/23/18 (Sat) to 6/23/18 (Sat)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
6/24/18 (Sun) to 6/26/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
6/27/18 (Wed) to 6/27/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
6/28/18 (Thu) to 7/03/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
7/04/18 (Wed) to 7/04/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
7/05/18 (Thu) to 7/10/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
7/11/18 (Wed) to 7/11/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
7/12/18 (Thu) to 7/17/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
7/18/18 (Wed) to 7/18/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
7/19/18 (Thu) to 7/20/18 (Fri)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
7/21/18 (Sat) to 7/21/18 (Sat)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
7/22/18 (Sun) to 7/24/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
7/25/18 (Wed) to 7/25/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
7/26/18 (Thu) to 7/31/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
8/01/18 (Wed) to 8/01/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
8/02/18 (Thu) to 8/07/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
8/08/18 (Wed) to 8/08/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
8/09/18 (Thu) to 8/14/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
8/15/18 (Wed) to 8/15/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
8/16/18 (Thu) to 8/17/18 (Fri)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
8/18/18 (Sat) to 8/18/18 (Sat)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
8/19/18 (Sun) to 8/21/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
8/22/18 (Wed) to 8/22/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
8/23/18 (Thu) to 8/28/18 (Tue)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
8/29/18 (Wed) to 8/29/18 (Wed)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
8/30/18 (Thu) to 9/02/18 (Sun)$229.00$229.00$249.00$269.00
9/03/18 (Mon) to 9/11/18 (Tue)$179.00$179.00$199.00$219.00
Rates do not include taxes or fees and are subject to change without notice.


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Payment and Cancellation Policy

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