What Alaska is Doing for Safer Travel in 2020

Because COVID-19 had its greatest initial impact in the early part of the year, the Alaska tourism industry has had time to put in place new standards for healthy travel before our guests arrive for the summer/fall 2020 season. These processes adhere to CDC and State of Alaska guidelines and in many cases are only small enhancements to procedures in place pre-coronavirus.

Respected year-round hotels like Seward's Harbor 360 are setting the sanitization standard for lodging throughout the state. This can include:

  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout public areas.
  • Hourly sweeps of the hotel to clean door handles, railings, elevator buttons, and all public areas with CDC approved chemicals.
  • Breakfast buffets converted to grab and go with slightly limited options.
  • One-for-one usage for the pens, key cards, and other service items at the front desk. After one use these items are removed and sanitized.

Activities in Alaska are quite diverse in terms of how best to address sanitization, social distancing, and other protective measures.

In some cases, like small helicopter tours, many departures include only travelers of the same party. Guided hikes, bike tours, and kayak excursions allow for easier social distancing. Gear provided for guests will be sanitized with approved chemicals after each use.

In the case of larger tours with more guests, operators will limit capacity. For example, popular day cruises into Kenai Fjords National Park Day will welcome fewer guests per boat as well as establish socially distanced seating, change onboard meals from self-serve to crew served, and sanitize high-touch areas throughout the day.

Note: The National Park Service is still developing procedures to operate bus tours into Denali National Park this summer. Please check back for updates.

Park Connection motorcoaches will undergo enhanced cleaning nightly and throughout the day. This includes the use of electrostatic disinfectant spray systems. Please visit this page to see more details about cleaning aboard the Park Connection Motorcoach. Similar procedures will be in place for the Alaska Railroad and Wilderness Express. For self-drive travelers, all rentals including standard and premium 4x4 vehicles will undergo enhanced cleaning between bookings.

What You Should Do for Safer Alaska Travel in 2020

As we all embrace the new normal, how you ensure your health in your own communities will be the same for when you travel.

  • Add face masks to your Alaska packing list. Bring one for each day of travel, or plan to wash and reuse during your trip.
  • Bring sanitizer wipes and clean personal items you handle often throughout the day (camera, phone, binoculars).
  • Pay attention to helpful signs that measure social distance in public places.
  • Practice the standard of good hygiene by frequently washing your hands and not touching your face.
  • Contact Alaska Tour & Travel with any questions.

Note: Because of changes to the operating dates for several major travel partners, we currently recommend waiting to travel to Alaska until after July 1. Please see our Plan with Confidence page for more information.

Stay Tuned

Additional updates will be posted to this page as they become available.

Updated May 14, 2020