Electronic Checks

We have made a number of changes for 2021 to make it easier than ever to book travel to Alaska. One change is that nearly everything we sell is fully refundable up until 31 days prior to travel with purchase of our Worry-Free Cancellation Waiver.

Another big change is that we now have a low 10% deposit option if you agree to make your final payment by check or electronic check. This option gives you the convenience and security of paying for the bulk of your trip just before travel, and helps us offer the lowest possible prices by reducing our credit card fees. We still offer a 30% deposit option if you prefer to make your final payment by credit card, and deposits can always be made by credit card regardless of which deposit option you choose.

For those that choose to do so, paying by electronic check is quick, safe, and secure. We will email you a reminder with payment instructions about two weeks prior to your final payment due date. Of course, you can always make any payments by paper check mailed to us at the address below.

Alaska Tour & Travel
3900 Arctic Blvd, Suite 304
Anchorage, AK 99503