Alaska Travel Protocol FAQs

Beginning August 11, the State of Alaska requires all nonresident travelers entering the state to have taken and passed a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of departure. This is an update to the previous Alaska travel mandate, which made provisions for travelers testing upon arrival or quarantining while awaiting results. Free testing at the airport and the 14-day quarantine option are no longer available for nonresident travelers. Please check the Alaska COVID-19 Traveler Information page for current information.

Below are some of the questions we're hearing from guests about this state mandate.

Can I wait and get tested at the airport when I arrive?
We do not recommend this option if you are traveling on a prearranged itinerary. Nonresidents must pay $250 per person to be tested at the airport. Additionally, the amount of time to get results back is not predictable, so this approach could lead to you being asked to quarantine in Alaska while you are awaiting results.

What if I can't get tested in my home city before my trip?
Check this link for options. We also tested FDA approved at-home testing kits in our office, and the Pixel by LabCorp test is promising. We were able to get results back in less than 48 hours, including the shipping time to get the test to their lab. Read more about the test kit process here.

How is the travel mandate enforced?
The Governor has stated publicly that Alaska will rely on the voluntary compliance of travelers from out of state, both visitors and Alaska residents, to follow the interstate travel mandate which includes the testing and quarantine requirements. We strongly encourage all our guests to follow the mandate by getting tested 72 hours before leaving home.

How long will the travel mandate or testing requirements be in effect?
The state has not put a timeline on the travel mandate. Travelers with trips in the next 30 days should plan for this.

What kind of test do I need?
You need a molecular-based test such as a PCR test. FDA approved home self-test kits are accepted. Antibody or serology results are not accepted. There is an exemption for those who have been treated and recovered from COVID-19 if certain requirements are met.

Do I have to get tested again 7-14 days after I arrive in Alaska?
The State says travelers who have tested 72 hours prior to departing for Alaska should get a second test 7-14 days after arrival. We don't expect many of our guests to participate based on our typical guest itineraries and testing logistics.

Are there other requirements for traveling to Alaska this summer?
You will need to fill out a traveler declaration form online and arrive with proof of a negative COVID-19 test. A printout or a screen shot of results on your phone work fine.

While in Alaska, follow safe traveler guidelines like a wearing mask, avoiding crowded indoor spaces, and social distancing. We especially encourage you to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, dog sled tours, ATV tours, glacier walks, kayaking, fishing, rafting, biking, ziplining, and all those things that Alaska is famous for.

See this page for additional items to pack and other safety tips. We will also be sending our guests an email about 21 days prior to departure with the most up to date information, best practices while traveling, where to get needed forms, additional testing options to consider, and other helpful details.

Updated August 11, 2020