Visiting Denali National Park in 2022

For years an ongoing landslide has intermittently closed part of the Denali Park Road, requiring an incredible effort to keep the area safely maintained for visitors and staff. The National Park Service is now moving forward with a permanent solution.

In the summer of 2022 construction will begin on a bridge to bypass the landslide. The project is expected to take two years. During construction visitors will still have access to 43 scenic miles of the Park Road. Here's what to expect from park tours, plus some unique activities off the road.

Special 2022 Denali Bus Tours

Denali Wilderness Lodges

Since most of Denali wilderness lodges are located within the Park Road closure area, we encourage you to secure lodging outside the park for your preferred travel days.

Our reservation agents are available to help coordinate, just give us a call at 800-208-0200 for more information.

Denali Excursions Off the Park Road

Though quite popular, bus tours and lodges down the Park Road are just a few of the many ways to experience the Denali National Park area. Here are some options:

  • Rent a Jeep for the day. Drive the public portion of the Park Road, head up to Healy or down to Cantwell, or go even further with a full-day rental to the quieter Denali State Park.
  • Check out the Denali Highway. Jeep driving, but with a guide, along the eastern Alaska range.
  • Take a guided hike. Explore the park's frontcountry trails alongside a local on a moderate Denali Walking Tour or longer Denali Park Interpretive Hike.

You can find more options for your particular dates and interests with our Alaska Activity Finder.