Why should I take the train AND the bus?

By taking both the train and the bus while you're in Alaska, you'll be able to stretch your transportation budget, spend less time overall transferring between destinations, and see more of this state's beautiful scenery.

Alaska bus tickets are typically priced lower than Alaska Railroad tickets. Rather than going roundtrip on the train between Anchorage and Seward, for example, you can travel one way by train, and return by Park Connection Motorcoach to save anywhere from $50 to $150 per ticket. These savings could also allow some room in your budget to splurge on GoldStar Dome train tickets, an especially enjoyable upgraded experience on such a beautiful train route. Picking where to save and where to splurge is one of our big tips for traveling in Alaska on a budget.

Combining Alaska train and bus transportation also lets you make the most of the time you have to travel. Train rides are more leisurely. As an example, if you're traveling from Anchorage to Denali Park, you can expect the train to take seven to eight hours and a Park Connection bus to take about six.

No less important is what you get to see along the way. The train track and highway do not always follow the same route, so by riding both you'll be treated to the most unique and diverse landscapes possible.

To compare your options and learn more about what you'll see and experience along the way, use our Transportation Finder to search for available buses and trains between destinations and on specific travel days. You can also use our Train & Bus Express Checkout tool to quickly compare rates and departure times.