Why Alaska?

Of all the extraordinary places to see in the world, why visit Alaska? Here's why.

  • It's Big. In Alaska, your sense of scale expands. It's not just the state's sheer size (twice that of Texas), but that words like highest, largest, deepest, and longest often describe its natural wonders. That we're home to North America's tallest mountain, the astounding Denali, is just the start.
  • It's Wild. With a population density of just one person per square mile, the vast majority of Alaska's 420 million acres is untouched wilderness. Think crisp air, clear waters, and thriving ecosystems with abundant wildlife.
  • Traveling is Easy. Getting to Alaska is straightforward, with direct flights offered from many airline hubs in the Lower 48. You can also travel here comfortably by cruise. Unless you're going through Canada or another international country, you don't need a passport. We use U.S. currency, drive on the right side of the road, and it's safe to drink the tap water. Best yet, you can book all your activities, in-state transportation, and lodging in one call with us.
  • Glaciers Everywhere. Glaciers cover around five percent of Alaska. About 95 percent of those glaciers are thinning, so now's the time to see them in all their vast, deep blue glory.
  • National Parks. Alaska holds more than half of all total parklands in the United States. Our eight parks include Denali National Park, Kenai Fjords, the remote Gates of the Arctic, and the massive Wrangell-St. Elias. At eight million acres, it's four times the size of Yellowstone (see point one).
  • Bucket List. In one trip to Alaska, you could check off a lifetime worth of bucket list adventures. You could walk on a glacier and see whales breech, ride with sled dogs, and fly in a helicopter. You could experience 24 hours of daylight. You could watch a polar sky lit by the northern lights.
  • Disconnect. It's not the lack of connectivity. You'll get cell service and WiFi in most places. It's that Alaska has a way of eclipsing the ordinary. Here you can trade your news feed for bear viewing, and emails for flightseeing.
  • Even Getting Around is Scenic. There are all kinds of ways to travel around Alaska, and they all offer some pretty spectacular views. Check out the famed Alaska trains, deluxe Park Connection Motorcoach, and your rental car options.
  • Food, Drink, Culture. You'll need good eats and drinks to fuel your travels, and Alaska delivers. Discover breweries, distilleries, farmers markets, and local restaurants dishing up the best regional produce, wild Alaskan salmon, and seafood. Combine this with Alaska's distinctive personality and friendly towns and you've got yourself culture to complement all this natural beauty.
  • Something for Everybody. In Alaska, there's history, mountains, fjords, artsy towns with great shopping, and things to do that range from active excursions to accessible adventures. It comes down to this: Everyone will find something here that wows them.
  • You can fit in a whole lot of amazing in one week. Check out this Alaska trip video to see what all you can do in just seven days.

Do we have you convinced? Start planning your Alaska vacation here.