Alaska RV & Motorhome Rentals

Exploring Alaska by RV or motorhome is a great choice for those who want the flexibility of making decisions like where to visit and how long to stay on the fly. That freedom means you can create your own unique Alaskan experience, like finding a hidden campground or roadside pullout to settle in for the night while enjoying majestic views you'd have otherwise missed.

Alaska has a limited number of highways, but the highways stretch on for many miles due to Alaska's vastness. Most motorhome rental companies are centrally located in Anchorage. Take time to research Alaska's best destinations and how far from Anchorage you must travel to reach them. Note that many attractions and campgrounds are seasonal, operating from about Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The most popular rental model seen on Alaska's highways is the class C motorhome, which is generally available in 22-foot to 31-foot lengths, or a 4x4 camper-truck combination. Most rental RVs are fully self-contained, meaning that in addition to beds and seating you'll have a bathroom with toilet and shower, stove, refrigerator, kitchen sink, hot water heater, and furnace. No special license is required to operate a motorhome in Alaska, and reputable rental companies provide an orientation prior to your departure.

Start early if you plan to rent a motorhome in Alaska. Reservations are required, and many companies sell out during the peak summer season. Alaska Tour & Travel does not offer Alaska RV or Alaska motorhome rentals, but we are happy to pass along a few tips for those looking to travel by motorhome.

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What to look for in an RV Rental

  • A rental company that owns their own motorhomes.
  • A shuttle to their rental office.
  • Flexibility on late air arrivals into Anchorage.
  • Offer late models, less than four years old.
  • Offer standard outfitting (bedding, kitchen, and bathroom supplies).
  • Housekeeping included upon return.

Because we're local Alaskans, we are familiar with some of the best motorhome and RV rental companies in Alaska. We're happy to recommend Great Alaska Holidays. Alaska Tour & Travel does not currently make reservations for RVs and motorhomes.

If you choose to rent a motorhome, you will likely visit a number of Alaska's top destinations. Our suggestion is to save two or three days for Denali National Park and the same for Kenai Fjords National Park and Seward. Be sure to check out our Denali Park tours, Seward activities, and general Alaska activities pages for ideas on things to do along the way. Alaska Tour & Travel can book these tours for you, many of which can sell out in advance.

The Alaska Milepost guidebook will also be an invaluable resource for both planning your Alaska vacation and to take with you as you travel. Finally, be sure to ask your motorhome rental company where you are permitted to drive, as many rental companies only permit driving on paved highways.

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