Northern lights above mountain peaks in Anchorage Alaska.

Alaska Northern Lights Tours

Chasing the illusive and captivating northern lights.

Northern Lights Viewing in Alaska

Natural wonders abound in Alaska, but perhaps none is quite as illusive nor captivating as the northern lights. Sometimes they move like curtains overhead and sometimes the change is so slowly it is imperceptible. Sometimes they are faint wisps and other times bold streaks. Sometimes they last for hours and other times fade in a few moments. Yet only one thing remains constant: You've better luck of seeing them as you go farther north.

That's why taking a northern lights viewing tour is one of the best ways to increase your chances of seeing the northern lights. These tours are start from Fairbanks and travel to higher latitudes where the night is darkest and skies clearest. Tours also go closer to the auroral oval where northern lights activity is greatest.

Those traveling in fall rather than winter can also have the chance to see the northern lights on an autumn aurora Arctic Circle tour.

Alaska Northern Lights Tours