Alaska Ferry

With so many communities off the road system in Alaska, the state-run Alaska Marine Highway System provides a critical connection to otherwise isolated locales. It's also a wonderfully scenic and unique way for visitors to travel throughout Alaska.

The Alaska state ferry covers more than 3,500 miles and stops at over 30 ports. It also connects Alaska to the lower 48 via a multi-day ferry out of Bellingham, WA. Service regions include Southeast, Southcentral, and Southwest Alaska.

  • Southeast Alaska. Ferry ports include Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Haines, and Sitka. This area is known as the Inside Passage and is also frequented by Alaska cruises.
  • Southcentral Alaska. Ports include Whittier, Valdez, and Homer. These towns are also connected to the road system. Since Alaska state ferries have space for vehicles, visitors traveling with rental cars could combine both modes of transportation for a unique itinerary by marine highway and land highway.
  • Southwest Alaska. The ferry weaves through Southwest Alaska's Aleutian Islands. Ports include Kodiak, Cold Bay, and Dutch Harbor.

Alaska Tour & Travel does not offer ferry reservations. For schedules, fares, fleet details, ferry FAQs, or to make a reservation, please visit the Alaska state ferry website or call 800-642-0066.