Where can I store my luggage in Alaska?

Managing baggage can seem daunting, but rest assured that there are easy options and systems in place to conveniently store your bags as you travel through Alaska.


Your Anchorage hotel will store your luggage for the day if you arrive before the check in time, or if you are taking an excursion prior to check out. There is also luggage and freezer storage for a fee at the Anchorage airport if you would like to drop off your bags prior to your flight later that day. The baggage storage service is located on Level 1 next to Bag Claim No. 4.


Luggage storage in Seward is available through your hotel, although the major day cruise and tour operators can also watch your suitcases while you're out. If you are arriving by cruise ship and taking the Coastal Classic train back to Anchorage later in the day, you can drop your luggage at the Seward train depot around 11:30 AM.

If you are departing from Seward by cruise, the cruise line will provide luggage tags to attach to your bags. As long as you attach those tags before traveling on either the Park Connection Motorcoach or the Alaska Railroad, the operator will automatically transport your bags to the cruise ship to be delivered to your stateroom.


The hotels near Denali National Park provide luggage storage if you arrive before check in time or take a tour before check out. If you are traveling into one of the lodges inside Denali National Park, you can store your excess luggage with a private concessionaire near the visitor center for a fee.


The best option for luggage storage is to take a day tour, since the tour operators can store luggage at their offices. If you are departing from Whittier by cruise ship, your suitcases can be transferred directly to the cruise by the Alaska Railroad or Park Connection Motorcoach, if you have your cruise ship tags attached in advance.