Healy is a mining town, although not of gold, but rather coal. Rich coal seams were discovered in the area in the early 1900s. Early pioneers sporadically mined the exposed coal to use for fuel. By 1918, an official coal company was established and the small town of Healy sprouted nearby. While coal is still actively mined in Healy, the town is perhaps better known today for its proximity to Alaska's most famous park.

The solitary entrance to Denali National Park is just over 10 miles from Healy, making the town a year-round base for excursions into the park. From here you can connect with Denali Park bus tours, Alaska Range flightseeing trips, and guided hikes.

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Even though the landscape around Healy can be eclipsed by the draw of Denali, the area is quite beautiful in its own right. It's a transition zone between the mountainous spruce forests of Southcentral Alaska and the classic rolling taiga of the Interior. If you're apt for a more adventurous options, take an ATV tour around the north side of Mt. Healy or a whitewater rafting trip down the Nenana River.

The accessibility of Denali National Park keeps Healy busy in the summer months. There are cabins, bed and breakfasts, and small lodges within Healy, plus larger accommodations closer to the park entrance. Healy is home to the 49th State Brewing Company along with several other small restaurants, gift shops, and even a golf course.

Visitors access Healy by road. The town is roughly 250 miles from Anchorage and 110 from Fairbanks. From Healy, you can reach the Denali National Park entrance in about 20 minutes.

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