It seems like every summer a new place to eat pops up in Talkeetna. Food trucks, ice cream shacks, coffee huts and more. The little town sees enough daily visitors to support the booming restaurant scene. Expect to find it difficult to choose where to eat in Talkeetna, and to come away pleasantly stuffed.

Where to Grab Breakfast in Talkeetna

  • Talkeetna Roadhouse - One of Talkeetna's oldest restaurants in a building that's over 100 years old. They serve all day, but their hearty breakfasts are especially worth stopping in for. Before you leave, grab a pasty or a razzie (or both!) for an afternoon snack. The Roadhouse is decked out in old photos, antiques, and expedition souvenirs from climbers who have attempted Denali, many successfully.
  • Conscious Coffee - Sweet and savory crepes served folded in quarters so you can eat them like a sandwich, plus yummy baked goods and top-notch coffee drinks.

Favorite Talkeetna Lunch Spots

  • Denali Brewpub - Partner to the local Denali Brewing Company. Serves up microbrews alongside fresh sandwiches, salads, and down-home Alaskan favorites like reindeer meatloaf and beer-battered fish and chips. Also great for dinner.
  • Spinach Bread - Food truck that's usually parked halfway down Main Street. They specialize in their famous Spinach Bread, a thick slice of freshly baked spent grain bread topped with a melty combo of chopped spinach, garlic, and cheese. Decadent and delish.

Top Talkeetna Dinner Restaurants

  • Mountain High Pizza Pie - A menu full of the big, family-friendly dishes you want after a long day adventuring in Alaska. Their pizza dough, marinara sauce, and soups all come from family recipes that are many generations old.