Despite its small size, Talkeetna boasts many excellent restaurants. We regularly recommend guests visit the Talkeetna Roadhouse for breakfast, Denali Brewpub or Spinach Bread for lunch, Conscious Coffee for a snack, and Wildflower Café or Mountain High Pizza Pie for dinner.

The Talkeetna Roadhouse is one of Talkeetna's oldest restaurants. They serve all day, but their hearty breakfasts and pastries are especially worth stopping in for. The Roadhouse is decked out in old photos, antiques, and expedition souvenirs from climbers who have attempted Denali, many successfully.

For a midday meal, try the Denali Brewpub. The restaurant is partner to the local Denali Brewing Company and serves up microbrews alongside fresh sandwiches, salads, and down-home Alaskan favorites like reindeer meatloaf and beer-battered fish and chips. For a quicker lunchtime bite, visit Spinach Bread, a food truck that's usually parked halfway down Main Street. They specialize in their famous Spinach Bread, a thick slice of fresh baked bread with a melty combo of chopped spinach and cheese. It's addictive.

In between meals, stop by the cozy Conscious Coffee for a black bean brownie and espresso. Their sweet and savory crepes are delicious, too.

When you're ready for dinner, check out the menus at Wildflower Café and Mountain High Pizza Pie. It's easy to compare as they're right across the street from each other. Wildflower Café serves refined-meets-rustic dishes, with the chef tailoring daily specials to the fresh local ingredients on hand. Their Seafood Curry is especially tasty. Mountain High Pizza Pie's menu is full of the big, family-friendly dishes you want after a long day adventuring in Alaska. Their crust dough, marinara sauce, and soups all come from family recipes.