When you're planning a trip to Alaska, it's not always easy to tell if an activity will be the right fit for you. Will it be fun, but not take you too far from your comfort zone? Will it be invigorating, but not exhausting? Will it get you out and about, but not in over your head?

We've broken down our most popular types of activities to help you find what works best. Here's how we're categorizing them:

  • Dip Your Toe - Adventure lite, with shorter trips and less remote locations requiring a moderate activity level. You want to see all the things, but prefer your excursions on the mellower side.
  • Getting the Hang of This - A little farther, a little longer, a little more remote. You're ready and able to put in some more effort to have some quintessential Alaskan experiences.
  • Go Big - Either far into the backcountry and/or requiring good outdoor fitness and stamina. You have an adventurous spirit and a willingness to get a little dirty or damp along the way.

Day Cruise



Glacier Experience

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